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Every year the Indian town of Pushkar in Rajisthan holds a five day camel fair, one of the world’s largest livestock fairs, which takes place by the banks of the Pushkar Lake.

Camel Fair, Pushkar, Rajasthan state, India, Asia
John Henry Claude Wilson/Robert

Groups of traders and herders set up camp in the dunes around Pushkar, bringing around 50,000 camels.

Women from villages crowd the street at the Camel Fair, Pushkar, Rajasthan state, India, Asia
Jeremy Bright/Robert Harding

Colourful crowds arrive at the camel fair from all over the region.

age fotostock/Robert Harding

A visitor to the fair in a brightly coloured turban.

age fotostock/Robert Harding

A mother and child visit the camel fair.

age fotostock/Robert Harding

Some decorate their camels with ornate beads and weavings.

age fotostock/Robert Harding

The fair’s main day is celebrated on full moon day, when the Hindu god Brahma was said to have emerged from the Lake. For this reason, many people swim in its waters during the event.

Pilgrims bathing in the Pushkar Holy lake during the Pushkar camel fair, Pushkar, Rajasthan, India, Asia
age fotostock/Robert Harding

Night falls and livestock owners cook around small fires.

age fotostock/Robert Harding

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