Top travel photographer Laura Grier’s quest to document the world has seen her travel through six continents, publishing her work in over 25 magazines and winning awards such as National Geographic Traveler’s Top Ten Best Travel Photos of the Year. But some of her most spectacular images have been shot in her home country, the US, like this stunning photo of a petrified sand dune in Utah called ‘The Wave’, which she shot with a model draped in a length of fabric.

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After seeing a photo of this unique place, Laura was determined to shoot there. “I found out that you have to apply for a permit to hike there nine months in advance, and after doing so was mailed a wilderness map with instructions on how to find it,” she says.

“Driving for 12 hours into the wilderness with a team of artists and a model, armed only with 40 yards of hot pink tulle, some granola bars, water and a wilderness map, we set on foot with no cell service to find this place,” Laura continues. “A blizzard hit the night before, making the map almost impossible to decipher – we got seriously lost and the sun was starting to set. In 28 degree weather we hiked out for three hours, following footsteps in the snow, and praying that we would find our way out before nightfall and freezing to death.”

Thankfully Laura and her team found what they were looking for, and as you can see, the results are stunning.

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