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1385-379 - A serene garden scene with a wooden bench surrounded by lush greenery and various plants. The path leading to the bench is shaded by trees, creating a peaceful atmosphere.
1385-377 - A vibrant garden scene featuring tall, purple irises in full bloom, surrounded by lush green foliage and other flowering plants. The background is a mix of greenery and blurred flowers, creating a serene and colorful outdoor setting.
1385-360 - A close-up view of a lush green ground cover plant with numerous small white flowers. The flowers have five petals each and are evenly distributed across the foliage.
1385-357 - A black and white photograph of an old stone castle with a partially ruined structure. The castle has multiple levels, arched doorways, and a stone wall extending from it. The sky is overcast, adding a moody atmosphere.
1385-351 - An ancient stone castle ruin with a partially collapsed tower, set against a blue sky with scattered clouds. The structure is surrounded by a stone wall and grassy area.
1385-349 - A foggy beach scene with people relaxing on the sand and a few tents set up. The ocean waves are gently crashing onto the shore, and the background is obscured by dense fog.
1385-345 - A scenic view of a small town with red-roofed houses by a river, a bridge crossing the river, and lush green hills in the background. The town has a marina with several boats docked.
1385-343 - Aerial view of a coastal town with a harbor filled with boats. The town features a mix of residential buildings and greenery, with rolling hills in the background under a partly cloudy sky.
1385-321 - Scenic riverside with people enjoying sunny weather at outdoor cafes and boats on the water, against backdrop of historic buildings in York, North Yorkshire, United Kingdom, Europe
1385-320 - Medieval stone tower on a grassy hill with clear blue sky, flanked by church spires in the background, Clifford's Tower, York, North Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom, Europe
1385-317 - Medieval stone tower atop a lush green hill against a vibrant blue sky with fluffy clouds, symbolizing historical fortification and ancient architecture in York, North Yorkshire, England.
1385-315 - Gothic cathedral tower against a dramatic cloudy sky, showcasing intricate architectural details and spires, ideal for historical or religious themes in York, North Yorkshire, England.
1385-311 - Sheep grazing in a lush green pasture with trees and a wooden fence in the background, showcasing rural farm life, North Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom, Europe
1385-305 - Aerial view of a lush green park with a meandering stream and a small bridge, showcasing serene nature scenery at Thruscross Reservoir in North Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom, Europe
1385-304 - Scenic view of a lush valley with a winding river, surrounded by dense forests under a clear sky at Thruscross Reservoir in North Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom, Europe
1385-303 - Idyllic countryside landscape with a stone barn, green fields, and a clear stream under a blue sky with fluffy clouds, North Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom, Europe