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817-460106 - The Canopus, an elongated canal imitating the famous sanctuary of Serapis near Alexandria. The semi-circular exedra of the Serapeum is located at its southern end, dedicated to the gods Isis and Serpis which was probably used as a banqueting hall. Hadriana??s Villa ( Villa Adriana ) built during the second and third decades of the 2nd century AD, Tivoli, Italy. A UNESCO World Heritage Site.
1131-125 - Mosaic of birds and flowers from Daphne (Harbiye), 2nd century AD, Hatay Archaeology Museum, Antioch, Hatay province, Southwest Turkey, Anatolia, Turkey, Asia Minor, Eurasia
857-69586 - Palmyra, Syria - January, 2008: Roman ruins in the desert. Palmyra or Tadmore was a 2nd century AD desert oasis used as a strategic staging post for caravans traveling between the Mediterranean Sea and the east. It was also settled by the Assyrians, and Persians.
120-4572 - Rock drawings of Thamudic origin, relating to ancient tribe of Thamud, 3rd century BC to 2nd century AD, in canyon of Jebel Khazali, south of Rum village, Wadi Rum, Jordan
399-1841 - The Citadel with the Buddhist stupa dating from 2nd century AD, from south west, Indus Valley civilization, Mohenjodaro, UNESCO World Heritage Site, Sind (Sindh), Pakistan, Asia
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