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1116-50680 - Abandoned Igloo City Hotel, and Igloo-shaped building at Igloo City along the George Parks Highway, Interior Alaska in summertime; Cantwell, Alaska, United States of America
1350-100 - A dim aurora to the north at Grasslands National Park, Saskatchewan, at the Larson Ranch site and its rustic pioneer cabins. Taken August 8, 2016. This is looking northeast to Andromeda (the Andromeda Galaxy is above centre) and Perseus (the Double Cluster is left of centre). This Park is a Dark Sky Preserve. There are no lights visible. Illumination here is from starlight and the setting waxing crescent Moon to the southwest.
1350-88 - An aurora display on the night of June 7/8, 2015 from southern Alberta, with an old rustic farm truck as the foreground. This is a frame from a 450-frame time-lapse with the Nikon D750 at ISO 1600 and the Sigma 24mm lens at f/2.8, for 8 seconds each. The foreground is from a stack of 8 images adjacent in time to the sky image stacked in Mean mode for smoothing of noise.
1350-141 - The 1910 Liberty Schoolhouse, a classic pioneer one-room school, on the Alberta prairie under the stars on a spring night, with an aurora dancing to the north. Moonlight provides the illumination. Cassiopeia is above the school. Polaris is at top.
1350-159 - Circumpolar star trails over a grand old barn in southern Alberta, on a fine spring night, May 23, 2018. Illumination is from the waxing gibbous Moon to the south. This is looking north to Polaris at top right. A thunderstorm is on the northern horizon with a lightning bolt as a bonus.