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1350-177 - The Dark Emu of aboriginal sky lore rising out of the Tasman Sea, from the south cost of Victoria, Australia. From Cape Conran on the Gippsland Coast. Carina is just above centre, Crux, the Southern Cross is at centre, and Centaurus is below Crux. The False Cross is at top.
1350-176 - The Dark Emu of aboriginal sky lore rising in a moonlit sky over the Tasman Sea from a beach near Lakes Entrance, Victoria, Australia, April 2, 2017. Lights from fishing boats dot the horizon out at sea. Illumination is from the waxing crescent Moon behind the camera to the north. This is looking southeast. Crux, the Southern Cross, is at top; the Pointer Stars are below.
832-368940 - Child care worker of the Mexican non-governmental organization CIDES reading a picture book to indigenous children in a slum, Ciudad de Mexico, Mexico City, Mexico, Central America
797-9876 - Canada, Alberta, Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park, The hoodoos and the Milk River, The park is sacred to the Blackfoot and other aboriginal tribes and is home to the largest collection of rock art on the North American prairies, Pictographs and Petroglyphs possibly 3,500 years old, Canada has applied for UNESCO World Heritage status for the site.
832-373044 - Portrait, woman of the Lao Seng ethnic group smoking a cigar, colorful headscarf, Ban Sopkang, Phou Den Din National Protected Area, Phongsali district and province, Laos, Southeast Asia, Asia
832-373043 - Portrait, smiling woman of the Phixor Akha ethnic group, traditional clothing dyed with indigo, headdress with silver coins, village Ban Bounpiang, Boun Neua district, Phongsali province, Laos, Southeast Asia, Asia