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1022-83 - western king wrasse (coris auricularis), male, dark pink colour with reddish-brown band running around boby and blue-green colouration over the head, wild, day, marine protected area, diving off Rottnest Island, reef edges, sand, seagrass, Western Australia, Indian Ocean. MORE INFO: social structure where dominant male, usually the biggest in the area, will have a harem of females. When the male dies or is absent for any length of time the largest female will change sex and dominate the group.
975-45 - An IDP camp (internally displaced people) in Te-Tugu district of Northern Uganda has been created to accommodate the mass of Ugandan refugees fleeing the LRA (Lords Resistance Army) who are fighting the Ugandan government and its people. Although accommodation is basic- mainly mud huts, they are impeccably maintained, instilling a real sense of pride in the community. Te-Tugu, Uganda, East Africa
975-54 - Using ancient techniques of wattle & daub, you can see on this hut how it was built. This sustainable and accessible technique is finnished off with a 20th century roof addition. Jinja, Uganda, East Africa
979-8056 - A view of the abandoned bowhead whaling station with bones strewn about in Hornsund (Horn Sound) on the southwestern side of Spitsbergen Island in the Svalbard Archipelago, Barents Sea, Norway.
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