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832-226882 - Theater "Die grosse Reise" "The Great Journey", ExtraSchicht 2009 festival, Kohlenmischhalle, disused mine Zeche Lohberg, Dinslaken, Ruhrgebiet region, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, Europe
857-32014 - Cowboys round up horses as part of the Artist's Ride, an annual event held near Wall, South Dakota which features Old West actors and models posing for western painters and sculptors. The photos the artists take during this event provide visual material for their creations.
857-6001 - The jet tubes on Glen Canyon Dam the day they were opened for the controlled flood of 45,000 cfs on the Colorado River. Acting Facility Manager Dick White checks the jet tubes.
975-100 - Acting as beacons of Western wealth and power, Petrol stations, usually the cleanest, most colourful and well staffed of any facility in Rwanda, regularly facilitate gatherings. Kigali, Rwanda, East Africa
817-269350 - Santiago Valle, the pilot of the andalusian company of aerostatic ballons Glovento, acting on the burners to control the flying height over the plain of Antequera, Malaga, Andalusia, Spain
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