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1196-164 - Community and home based care service is one of the critical care and support services provided to people living with HIV in Nepal. CHBC Teams provide basic health services, social, emotional and spiritual support, reinforcing the concept of ?positive living? and reducing stigma and discrimination in the community. Doti, Nepal
797-3743 - BULGARIA Bansko Nikola Vaptsarov Statue Travel Tourism Holiday Vacation Explore Recreation Leisure Sightseeing Tourist Attraction Tour Bansko Bulgaria Bulgarian History Historic Historical Legend Legendary Statue Summer Bright Sunny Sun Tranquility Tranquil Grey Gray Culture Cultural East Eastern Europe European Calendar Dominant Dominate Dominating Monument Tribute Honour Nikola Vaptsarov Poet Writer Monument Activist Author Communist Communism Bronze Young Studious Plinth Support Symmetry Symmetrical Eastern Europe Honor
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