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832-392551 - Man taking pictures of himself with mobile phone, hiker sitting in hammock with view of mountains with lake, Plansee, Ammergau Alps, district Reutte, Tyrol, Austria, Europe
832-389742 - Night sky with stars and milky way over Lechtal mountains, in the foreground summit cross of the Geierkopf with tent, Reutte, Ammergau Alps, Tyrol, Austria, Europe
832-388181 - Panorama from Saeuling, 2047m, to the Tannheimer Berge, Vils, in the district Reutte in Tyrol, Austria, as well as Falkensteinkamm, Weissensee, Fuessen, Hopfensee, Forggensee and Bannwaldsee, Ostallgaeu, Bavaria, Germany, Europe
832-123395 - Detail from the Temple of Venus in the gardens of Schloss Linderhof, the castle of King Ludwig II, Graswangtal, Ammergau Alps, Oberammergau, Upper Bavaria, Bavaria, Germany, Europe
832-123390 - Venus temple in the Schlosspark Linderhof palace gardens, castle of Bavarian King Ludwig II, Graswangtal valley, Oberammergau, Ammergau Alps, Upper Bavaria, Bavaria, Germany, Europe
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