Robert Harding

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802-64 - A climber tackles an exceptionally difficult, F8c graded, route on a big overhang at the cliffs of Margalef, underneath Montsant, near Lleida and Tarragona, Catalunya, Spain, Europe
802-58 - A climber tackles a very difficult route on the rock known as Dromadaire (The Dromedary) by the Tarn river, Gorges du Tarn, near Millau and Rodez, Massif Central, south west France, Europe
802-53 - A climber bouldering on the large granite boulders near Camp 4, the National Park Service campground underneath El Capitan, Yosemite Valley, California, United States of America, North America
802-48 - A climber makes her way up the summit ridge of Stok Kangri at 6137 metres, a popular and easily accessible trekking peak in the northern Zanskar Range, Ladakh, India, Asia
802-40 - Two rock climbers making their way up a very difficult route on the 450 metre monolith of Karimbony, Tsaranoro Massif, Andringitra National Park, Southern Madagascar, Africa
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