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832-373046 - Sustainable tourism, camel trekking, camels, dromedaries (Camelus dromedarius), sand dunes, Sahara desert between Douz and Ksar Ghilane, Southern Tunisia, Tunisia, Maghreb, North Africa, Africa
817-446889 - Tumulo', geological formation due to swelling of the gypsum when it absorbs water.'Natural place of' Karts en Yesos'.park of Gypsum Karst.Sorbas, Almeria province, Andalucia, Spain
817-424495 - The history of Scotty's Castle in the Grapevine Canyon in the northern part of Death Valley is tighty linked to Walter Scott, Death Valley Scotty, perhaps the most eccentric character of the area Death Valley National Park, California, USA
817-426309 - Track created by one of the mysterious moving rocks at the Racetrack The Racetrack is a dry lakebed, a so-called playa, in the remote northern Death Valley Death Valley National Park, California, USA