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762-509 - Hiking through lunar landscape up to Cramer Divide, Sawtooth Mountains, Sawtooth Wilderness, Sawtooth National Recreation Area, Rocky Mountains, Idaho, United States of America, North America
832-387876 - Mountaineer climbing the Rauhen Kopf, Berchtesgadener Alps, in the back mountain peak Hoher Goell, Bischofswiesen, Berchtesgadener Land, Upper Bavaria, Bavaria, Germany, Europe
1116-47206 - A Hiker Climbs A Ridge High Above Trims Creek In A Portion Of The Alaska Range Known As The 'delta Mountains' In Early Winter, Alaska, United States Of America
832-381429 - Tourists climbing Dune 45 in the Namib Desert, most likely the world's most photographed and climbed dune, in the evening, Namib-Naukluft National Park, Namibia, Africa
857-94638 - Three ski mountaineers ascending Denali, with sunset over Mount Hunter in the background. Denali National Park is a great location for backcountry skiing and mountain climbing tours.