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746-90270 - Monti Sibillini National Park, one of the major mountain groups, view of the Milky Way during flowering on the Pian Grande, Castelluccio di Norcia, Umbria, Italy, Europe
832-393239 - View from the highest observatory of the world on 562 meters height in the 632 meters high skyscraper Shanghai Tower to the special economic zone Pudong with the 492 meters high Shanghai World Financial Center, nicknamed The Bottle Opener, Shanghai, People's Republic of China
832-393240 - View from the highest observatory of the world on 562 meters height in the 632 meters high skyscraper Shanghai Tower on the special economic zone Pudong with the 468 meters high Oriental Pearl Tower the Huangpu River and the district Tilanqiao, Shanghai, People's Republic of China
1350-147 - Orion and the winter sky, at left, and a swirl of colourful aurora over the Churchill Northern Studies Centre, in a display on February 11, 2018. People from the first Learning Vacations group of the season are shooting the Lights.
1350-165 - Aurora tourists taking in the sky show on March 14, 2018 from the aft deck of the Hurtigruten ship the m/s Nordnorge on the journey south, from a location north of Tromsø this night.
1350-161 - The Sun setting into a pall of forest fire smoke over Alberta from fires in B.C. and elsewhere, on August 17, 2018. This shows the dimming and reddening of the Sun as it set, with it disappearing from view long before it reached the horizon.
1350-142 - Mars (at left) and the Milky Way (at right) over a single tipi (with another under construction at back) at the Two Trees site at Grasslands National Park, Saskatchewan, August 6, 2018. I placed a low-level warm LED light inside the tipi for the illumination.
1350-167 - Mars (at left in clouds) and the summer Milky Way over Lake Herbert and reflected in the still waters this night. This is in Banff National Park, Alberta. I shot this July 17, 2018 on a night that gradually clouded up, after a run of two very good nights previous to this.
1350-177 - The Dark Emu of aboriginal sky lore rising out of the Tasman Sea, from the south cost of Victoria, Australia. From Cape Conran on the Gippsland Coast. Carina is just above centre, Crux, the Southern Cross is at centre, and Centaurus is below Crux. The False Cross is at top.
1350-121 - A composite of the August 21, 2017 total solar eclipse showing third contact ' the end of totality ��쬆with sunlight beginning to reappear and the array of pink prominences along the limb of the Sun. Seconds later the emerging Sun and diamond ring overwhelmed the large prominence.
1350-151 - A Perseid meteor streaks down the Milky Way over the Saskatchewan Summer Star Party in the Cypress Hills of southwest Saskatchewan, at Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park, a Dark Sky Preserve. The Milky Way shines to the south. About 350 stargazers attend the SSSP every year.
1350-158 - The unusual STEVE auroral arc across the northern sky at Bow Lake, Banff National Park, Alberta on the night of July 16-17, 2018. The more normal green auroral arc is lower across the northern horizon. But STEVE here appears more pink.
1350-126 - Splendours of the southern Milky Way from Vela (at top right) to Centaurus (at bottom left), including the Carina Nebula, Crux and Coal Sack, and Alpha and Beta Centauri. A part of the huge Gum Nebula is at far right. The False Cross is at right, with the large cluster NGC 2516, the Diamond Cluster, below it. The globular cluster Omega Centauri is at upper left.
1350-2270 - View point of The Observatory Of Pic Du Midi De Bigorre, Hautes Pyrenees, Midi Pyrenees, France. The 12m Ponton dans le ciel, a glass walkway high above the Pyrenees at Pic du Midi de Bigorre, a 2877m mountain in the French Pyrenees, home to an astronomical observatory and visitors centre. The observatory is acccessible from the village of La Mongie by cablecar. Tourists often visit in time for the spectacular sunset across the mountains.
1350-128 - A mosaic of the rich region in Sagittarius and southern Serpens, from the Small Sagittarius Starcloud (Messier 24) at bottom to Messier 16, the Eagle Nebula, at top, with a fainter nebula above it around the cluster NGC 6604. At centre is the Swan or Omega Nebula, Messier 17. The dark nebula below centre is Barnard 92.
1350-149 - Orion and Sirius rising over the Peloncillo Mountains of southwest New Mexico, on a clear night in December in the early evening. The Belt stars of Orion point down to Sirius, the Dog Star.
1350-154 - A blend of images to show the stars of the southern sky moving from east to west (left to right) over the peaks of the Continental Divide at Herbert Lake near Lake Louise, in Banff, Alberta. The main peak at left is Mount Temple.
1350-178 - The asterism of the False Cross in Vela and Carina, at left, with Gamma Velorum, a bright blue supergiant star, at right. In between are faint arcs of nebulosity in the Gum Nebula. To the left of Gamma Velorum is the open star clister NGC 2547. Below the bottom star of the False Cross, Epsilon Carinae or Avior, is the large naked-eye star cluster NGC 2516. To the right of the right star of the False Cross, Delta Velorum, is the loose open cluster IC 2391.
1350-140 - The large star-forming region of IC 1396 in Cepheus, taken September 5, 2018 from home in southern Alberta. The wide field includes the bright orange star Mu Cephei, or Herschel's Garnet Star, at top. The Elephant Trunk Nebula is at centre. North is at top.
1350-133 - The amazing area of the southern Milky Way in Carina and Crux, the brightest part of the Milky Way after the galactic core region. At right is the Carina Nebula, with the Southern Pleiades cluster, IC 2602, below it. The Football Cluster, NGC 3532, is at upper left of the Carina Nebula. At centre is the region of Lambda Centauri, with the star cluster NGC 3766, the Pearl Cluster, above the emission nebulosity. At left is the Southern Cross, with the dark Coal Sack at bottom left of the Cross, with thin tendrils extending to the right. To the left of Alpha Cruxis at the bottom of the Cross is the star cluster NGC 4609; aboive Alpha is NGC 4649. To the left of Beta Cruxis at the left side of the Cross is the Jewel Box Cluster, NGC 4755.
1350-175 - Cygnus or the Northern Cross is setting amid the pine trees at Athabasca Falls in Jasper National Park, on a late October night. Cepheus is above and the bright star Vega is low and just above the trees. Deneb is at centre, as is the dark nebula Lynds 3, the Funnel Cloud Nebula. Light cloud adds the natural star glows but also discolours the sky near the horizon.
1350-135 - The colourful region around Antares in Scorpius, the yellow star at centre. To the right is the globular cluster Messier 4. Above right of Antares is the smaller globular NGC 6144. Above are the nebulas associated with Rho Ophiuchi. The area is filled with reflection (yellow and blue) and emission nebulas (red and pink). The field simulates a binocular field.
1350-176 - The Dark Emu of aboriginal sky lore rising in a moonlit sky over the Tasman Sea from a beach near Lakes Entrance, Victoria, Australia, April 2, 2017. Lights from fishing boats dot the horizon out at sea. Illumination is from the waxing crescent Moon behind the camera to the north. This is looking southeast. Crux, the Southern Cross, is at top; the Pointer Stars are below.
1350-130 - Particularly large groups of sunspots on the Sun on September 4, 2017. The group at bottom is AR 2673, the group at top is 2674. The small spot at left on the emerging limb is AR 2677, while the groups disappearing at right are AR 2675 (top) and AR 2776.