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832-395236 - Typical paella pan on wooden table, Spanish rice dish, pan dish, paella pan, pan with Spanish national dish, prawns on paella, mussels in paella, national dish, region of Valencia, Spanish cuisine, Spanish recipes
832-390186 - Tractor spraying fungicide onto the rice fields (Oryza sativa), in July, aerial view, drone shot, Ebro Delta Nature Reserve, Tarragona province, Catalonia, Spain, Europe
975-140 - An IDP camp (internally displaced people) in Te-Tugu district of Northern Uganda has been created to accommodate the mass of Ugandan refugees fleeing the LRA (Lords Resistance Army) who are fighting the Ugandan government and its people. Although accommodation is basic- mainly mud huts, they are impeccably maintained, instilling a real sense of pride in the community. Te-Tugu, Uganda, East Africa
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