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1314-225 - Sea Gypsies, little girls selling necklaces and bracelets in Moken tribe, fisherman village of Ko Surin Marine National Park, Surin Islands, Phang-Nga, Thailand, Southeast Asia, Asia
857-8300 - Yanomami Indian girl with sticks at the corners of her mouth and just below her lower lip and bead necklaces lies in a hammock in her village in the Amazonian Forest in southern Venezuela.
1196-207 - Mandala mudra, kalachakra, bodhgaya, india. A mandala mudra is a sacred form or diagram of universe collective consciousness. Mandala means essence, la means container; a mandala contains essence of religion possesses great power, gathering within itself forces of universe. Symbolizing both mind body of buddha, mandala represents order harmony achieved by a truly enlightened mind. Hail to jewel in lotus. Nothing at will is born nothing at will there is nothing that is bound there is nothing liberated.,mahasiddha savarip