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1113-102486 - Woman climbing the via ferrata at Piz Trovat with view to Bellavista (3922 m), Piz Bernina (4049 m), Piz Morteratsch (3751 m) as well as Pers- and Morteratsch glacier, Engadin, Grisons, Switzerland
1113-96631 - View from a pristine mountain lake at the end of the Morteratsch valley to the summits of Cambrena Piz, Piz Palu, Piz Zupo and Piz Bernina and their reflection, Engadin, Switzerland
832-258257 - Bernina Range with Mount Piz Bernina, 4048 metres above sea level, and Mount Piz Morteratsch, 3751 metres above sea level, Buendner Alps, Canton of Graubuenden, Switzerland, Europe
1113-22346 - Woman smiling out of window of red train of Rhaetische Bahn at station Alpe Gruem, Alp Gruem, Ferrovia Raetia, Bernina range, Bernina, Puschlav, Grisons, Switzerland
1113-22341 - Red Train of Rhaetische Bahn in front of mountain range of Bellavista, Piz Argient, Crast Aguezza, Piz Bernina, Piz Prievlus and Piz Morteratsch, Ferrovia Raetia, Bernina range, Bernina, Morteratsch, Oberengadin, Engadin, Grisons, Switzerland
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