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1116-51933 - Portrait of a southern yellow-billed hornbill (Tockus leucomelas) perching in profile on a bush. It has mottled black and brown feathers, a white head and a yellow beak, taken at the Gabus Game Ranch; Otavi, Otjozondjupa, Namibia
1116-51273 - Close-up of a golden eagle's (Aquila chrysaetos) head with a catchlight in its eye in bright sunshine against a blurred grassy background. Shot with a Nikon D800 at Battle Abbey; Battle, East Sussex, England,
832-381287 - View of palm groves and chalk rock formations with the Hat Rai Leh West and Hat Rai Leh East beaches on the Railey peninsula Rai Leh, Andaman Sea, Krabi province, Thailand, Asia
764-5094 - Southern yellow-billed hornbill (Tockus leucomelas) flipping a grasshopper, Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, encompassing the former Kalahari Gemsbok National Park, South Africa, Africa