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1350-5348 - Young attractive brunette woman, wearing a white dress, relaxed and serene in a beautiful natural place, in front of a big waterfall, among assorted vegetation, Monasterio de Piedra, Zaragoza, Spain
1348-5595 - Patients saline, Iv drip, young woman hand with medical drip intravenous needle, give salt water on hospital bed. Intravenous therapy (IV) is a therapy that delivers fluids directly into vein.
1113-107220 - Aerial view of the river cruise ship Excellence Katharina (formerly MS General Lavrinenkov) while passing the Kalyazin bell tower in the Volga river (which is all that is left of the old town of Kalyazin after the Uglich reservoir was flooded), Kalyazin,
1113-107035 - Aerial view of man on bicycle cycling on lakes and dunes along the North Sea coast at sunset, Midsland aan Zee, Terschelling, West Frisian Islands, Friesland, Netherlands, Europe
1113-106784 - Three wooden huts with jetty standing in the Kochelsee, in the foreground the lake shore with frozen reeds, in the background snow-capped mountains, was taken at sunset in winter, Schlehdorf, Voralpenland, Bavaria, Germany
1113-105810 - Two men with tattoos - one with a chain made from carved whale bones - smile at the camera in the Te Tumu cultural center, Tekoapa, Ua Huka, Marquesas Islands, French Polynesia, South Pacific
1113-105819 - Aerial view of Sofitel Bora Bora Private Island Resort with overwater bungalows in Bora Bora lagoon at sunrise, Vaitape, Bora Bora, Leeward Islands, French Polynesia, South Pacific