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1116-46908 - A hiker's boot showing the point of view looking down into the deep, blue meltwater of a glacier in Wrangell-St. Elias National Park, Alaska, United States of America
1116-42729 - Agriculture - Young farm girl and boy wearing cowboy hats and rubber boots swing on a metal gate, hanging by their hands and legs and laughing / Northwest Missouri, USA.
1116-42728 - Agriculture - A young farm girl wearing a cowboy hat and rubber boots swings on a metal gate, hanging by her hands and legs and laughing / Northwest Missouri, USA.
857-94639 - Two mountaineers are laying inside a tent at High Camp on Denali in Alaska. Early morning they are going for a summit push to the highest mountain of Northern America.
911-10362 - A water charity in Porterville supplying bottled water to houses who have had no running water for over five months, near Bakersfield, California, USA. Hoses in the East of Porterville, many of which are on private wells, have run completely out of water as the water table has dropped catastrophically. Following an unprecedented four year long drought, Bakersfield is now the driest city in the USA. Most of California is in exceptional drought, the highest level of drought classification. 428,000 acres of agricultural land have been taken out of production due to lack of water, thousands of agricultural workers have lost their jobs and one third of all children in California go to bed hungry.