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1113-106425 - Ethiopia; Southern Nations Region; Kolcho village; on the Omo River; Omo Valley; Woman from the ethnic group of the Karo; dressed in a typical leather apron; Head and neck jewelry made from multicolored pearl necklaces
832-330433 - The bull of the Bull and Bear in front of the brightly lit Frankfurt Stock Exchange at night, illuminated by multicoloured spotlights for the Luminale, biannual lighting festival in Frankfurt, Germany
832-364540 - Brightly-coloured sacs of powder at a market, Tihar Festival, five-day festival of light and colour, celebrated annually in October to honour animals, Kathmandu, Nepal, Asia
832-237351 - Ceiling frescoes in the pilgrimage church in Steinhausen, one of the greatest masterpieces of the early rococo, main piece of the Wessobrunner School, Upper Swabia, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany, Europe