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817-434895 - Brussels, Belgium. Rue des Six Jeunes Hommes. Sign of former tavern commemorating six boys who played practical jokes to undermine the rule of the Duke of Alba. Two of the boys have been stolen
817-434872 - Brussels, Belgium. Art Nouveau Old England building, Rue Montagne de la Coeur, no 2. Formerly department store, now home to the Musical Instruments Museum Paul Saintenoy 1899
817-434876 - Brussels, Belgium. Art Nouveau detail, ceramic tiles by Privat Livemont, 1897, on facade of Anciennne Grande Maison de Blanc at 32 Rue Marche aux Poulets 'Commerce'
832-113415 - City hall with gothic tower, Hotel de Ville on the Grand Place, Stadhuis on the Grote Markt square, city centre, Brussels, Brussel, Bruxelles, Brussel, Belgium, Benelux
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