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832-372357 - Tibetan Buddhism, religious Cham mask dance at the important Gelugpa monastery of Kumbum, Huangzhong, Xinning, Qinghai province, formerly known as Kokonur, Tibet, China, Asia
832-373042 - Theravada Buddhism, That Luang Festival, Tak Bat, novice, monks receive alms, Laotian believer with sash and alms bowl, pilgrims giving alms, orange robes, Vientiane, Laos, Southeast Asia, Asia
832-372355 - Two monks with red and orange robes, participants of the Global Buddhist Congregation 2011, Buddhist dignitaries from various Buddhist traditions and schools are photographed in front of national flags in Nehru Park, Gandhi Smitri, New Delhi, India, Asia
832-372362 - Tibetan Buddhism, religious masked Cham dance, at the important Kumbum Monastery, Gelug or Gelug-pa yellow hat sect, Ta'er Monastery, Huangzhong, Xinning, Qinghai, formerly Amdo, Tibet, China, Asia
832-343601 - Red, yellow, white, blue and green prayer flags at the Bodnath stupa, accompanied by traditional Tibetan prayer verses "Om mani padme hum, " which are said to be carried throughout the world by the wind, Kathmandu, Nepal, Asia
832-290993 - Buddhist stupa in front of Mt. Kongde Ri (6187 m), Bhote Koshi Valley, Sagarmatha National Park, UNESCO World Heritage Site, Khumbu Himal, Himalayas, Nepal, Asia
832-364562 - Colourful prayer flags printed with holy verses and a Wind Horse, mythical, pre-Buddhist Tibetan creature, Mt, Dhaulagiri in the background, Muktinath, Annapurna region, Himalayas, Nepal, Asia
832-364558 - Colourful prayer flags printed with holy verses and a Wind Horse, mythical Tibetan creature stemming from the pre-Buddhist era, Annapurna region, Himalayas, Nepal, Asia
832-364783 - Golden Chedi in front of the pantheon, carried by twenty monkeys and demons, Wat Phra Kaeo Grand Palace (Temple of the Emerald Buddha), Bangkok, Thailand, Southeast Asia, Asia