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1361-112 - Hiker with head lamp sitting beside the tent in front of Monte Rosa massif, Gorner glacier (Gornergletscher) and Lyskamm peaks at dusk, Riffelsee, Zermatt, canton of Valais, Swiss Alps, Switzerland, Europe
1361-111 - View of the Swiss side of Monte Rosa massif and Gorner glacier (Gornergletscher) with majestic Lyskamm peaks seen from Riffelsee Lake at dusk, Zermatt, Canton of Valais, Visp, Switzerland, Europe
1116-50723 - Camping at Lost Lake, Resurrection Peaks in the background. Chugach National Forest, Kenai Peninsula, South-central Alaska in springtime; Seward, Alaska, United States of America
1116-52147 - Travelers inside a camper van exploring North Holland searching for iconic windmills outside of Amsterdam Central along the journey to the coastal city of Egmond aan Zee; Holland
1116-52139 - Cesky Krumlov is a beautiful little medieval city in the South Bohemian region of Czech Republic. A group camps just outside of the town centre; Cesky Krumlov, Bomenia, Czech Republic