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832-383117 - Stamps in the Pilgrim Pass, the 30th pilgrimage of Hans Unterberger, Grossglockner pilgrimage from Fisch and Rauris, Salzburg State, to Heiligenblut to St. Peter and Paul, Carinthia, Austria, Europe
746-88435 - Glacier foreland and desintegration moraine landscape of glacier Pasterze near Grossglockner with lakes formed by melting of dead ice lakes. Beneath the thick cover of till huge masses of glacier ice still exists, wehn melting they form lakes and other ice desintegration landforms, Europe, central europe, Austria
746-88434 - Radial crevasses of the glacier Pasterze near Grossglockner. the radial crevasse are the first signs of the collapsing of another glacier area and the forming of new dead ice, Europe, central europe, Austria
746-88363 - The Grossglockner High Alpine Road is mainly used by tourists and one of the major attractions of the Austrian Alps. ascent to Hochjoch. Europe, Central Europe, Austria, September