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746-88398 - Wooden Church in Ieud (Biserica de Lemn din Deal, Nasterea Maicii Domnului), Maramures, Romania is listed as UNESCO World heritage. Built in 1364 the church is the oldest wooden church in Maramures and shows the traditionall crafts of the carpenters in Maramures.Europe, Eastern Europe, Romania, maramures
746-88399 - The Barsana monastery, maramures, Romania, was build at the end of the 20th century from wood only according to old traditions in Maramures, Europe, Eastern Europe, Romania, Maramures
832-233302 - Specialist lecturer demonstrating a computer numerical control (CNC) milling machine, Master Craftman School of the Chamber of Small Industries and Skilled Trades for carpentry, Dusseldorf, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, Europe
832-121597 - Carpentry workshop for the production of components to construct earthquake-resistant prefabricated houses for the victimes of the January 2010 earthquake, Petit Goave, Haiti, Caribbean, Central America
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