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832-397087 - Jerez de la Frontera in the province of Cadiz, statue of Manuel Maria Gonzalez Angel, sherry cask Tio Pepe in front of the cathedral Antigua Colegiata de San Savator, Andalusia, Spain, Europe
832-397158 - Modern granite Pieta in front of the Gothic cathedral of Saint-Paul Aurelien, Saint-Pol-de-Leon, department of Finistere Penn ar Bed, region of Brittany Breizh, France, Europe
832-397157 - Rosette of the southern transept with 19th century leaded glass windows, Saint-Paul Aurelien Gothic Cathedral, Saint-Pol-de-Leon, Finistere Penn ar Bed department, Bretagne Breizh region, France, Europe
832-397019 - Cathedra of the Pope as Bishop of Rome, Apse of the Basilica, Lateran Basilica, Basilica San Giovanni in Laterano, Cathedral of the Diocese of Rome, Monti district, Rome Italy