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860-287266 - This big male of the critically-endangered celebes crested macaque (Macaca nigra) was photographed in the national park of tangkoko (Sulawesi - Indonesia) then we followed this macaca group from few days with a scientist and a local guide for a monitoring. This male was moving with the group an take a few minutes break by sitting just a few meters from me. I take two pictures then I leaved to follow the scientist. finaliste à Namur
465-3210 - Green sea turtles (Chelonia mydas) common around Pom Pom Island, an important nesting grounds for these marine turtles, Celebes Sea, Sabah, Malaysia, Southeast Asia, Asia
465-3207 - Ornate ghost pipefish (harlequin ghost pipefish) (Solenostomus paradoxus), usually found in pairs at sea fans, or crinoids, Celebes Sea, Sabah, Malaysia, Southeast Asia, Asia
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