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1116-48392 - Springtime aerial view showing the Kahea Wind Power wind farm on West Maui, Hawaii, USA that is positioned to capture power from the trade winds that funnel through Maui's central valley, Maui, Hawaii, United States of America
1314-156 - Tourist woman relaxing after trekking along Arankaia Walk in the heart of Palm Valley Oasis waterhole, Finke Gorge National Park, Outback, Northern Territory, Central Australia, Australia, Pacific
1116-46179 - Fog Rises Off Of The Copper River On A Cold Winter Evening, Warm Sunset Light Casting Mount Drum Into Shadows In The Background, Copper River Valley, South-Central Alaska, Alaska, United States Of America
746-88458 - Valle Corpassa in the Civetta - Moiazza mountain range in the dolomites of the Veneto. In the background the peaks of Pale di San Martino. The Dolomites of the Veneto are part of the UNESCO world heritage. Europe, Central Europe, Italy, October
746-88373 - Geisler Mountain Range or Gruppo delle Odle Mountain Range in the valley of Villnoess in South Tyrol (alto adige) after a snowstorm in late fall. The Geisler Mtn. Range is part of the UNESCO world heritage dolomites. Europe, Central Europe, Italy, November
746-88401 - Elbe Sandstone Mountains (Elbsandsteingebirge) in the NP Saxon Switzerland (Saechsische Schweiz) during spring. Valley of river Elbe with spa Bad Schandau during sunrise. Europe, Central Europe, Germany, Saxony, May
746-88395 - The peaks of the GEisler mountain range in valley Villnoess. The church Sankt Johann in Ranui (St. John in Ranui). The Geisler mountain range is one of the most famous areas for hikers and climbers in the Dolomites. This part of the dolomites is part of the nature park Puez-Geisler and belongs to the UNESCO world heritage Dolomites. Europe, Central Europe, Italy, South Tyrol, April 2012
746-88396 - The Karwendel Mountain Range near Gramai in valley Falzthurntal during spring close to lake Achensee and the village of Pertisau. Spring meadow with spring-crocus (crocus vernus), the harbinger of spring in the Alps. Mount Lamsenspitze covered with snow (middle) mount Sonnjoch (right) and mountain farm Falzthurnalm (left) in the background,Europe, Central Europe, Bavaria
746-88394 - Karwendel Mountain Range between Johannestal and Birkkar-Spitze, the highest peak of the Karwendel Mts., Austria. The Karwendel limestone mountain range is the largest range in the eastern alps. Large parts of the Karwendel are protected and a popular destination for tourists, hikers and climbers. Europe, Central Europe, Austria, Tyrol, July
746-88427 - Abbey Marienberg, Vinschgau (Val Venosta) overlooking valley vinschga (val venosta) and the village of burgeis (bugusio) close to pass reschen (passo di resia).Founded in the 12th century it was cultural center of the upper vinschgau. Europe, Central Europe, Italy
746-88365 - Valley Fischleintal (Val Fiscalina) in the nature park sexten dolomites in deep winter, part of the UNESCO world heritage dolomites. Mount Einserkofel. Europe, Central Europe, Italy, January
746-88400 - Elbe Sandstone Mountains (Elbsandsteingebirge) in the NP Saxon Switzerland (Saechsische Schweiz) during spring. Kipphorn viewpoint and the valley of river Elbe. Europe, Central Europe, Germany, Saxony, May