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832-394376 - Petri dishes in the hand of a laboratory technician at the drying cabinet in the laboratory, insertion of a multiple sample into a laboratory device, Freiburg, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany, Europe
1113-106425 - Ethiopia; Southern Nations Region; Kolcho village; on the Omo River; Omo Valley; Woman from the ethnic group of the Karo; dressed in a typical leather apron; Head and neck jewelry made from multicolored pearl necklaces
1350-318 - Polar Bear (Ursa maritimus) on sea ice off the sub-arctic coast of Hudson Bay, Churchill, Manitoba, Canada. Bears come to the coast of Hudson Bay in Fall waiting for the ice to freeze, and looking for a careless seal or dead whale to wash up. Global warming has shortened their winter so they are increasingly anxious as they wait for winter. While they wait, they engage in frequent wrestling matches to determine a mating hierarchy for the breeding season in March and April, and regularly check on the ice to see if it will carry them out to sea.
1348-1684 - First aid techniques : placing the victim in the recovery position. Step 5 : Open the victim's mouth to allow any liquid to drain outwards. Check that breathing is normal.