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1348-2431 - Pause Diabolo, a risk reduction center for drug users, in Lyon, France. Pause Diabolo sees drug users as part of a national French policy to reduce health hazards. It involves making risk reduction equipment available, helping with access to care, hygiene help, social mediation and helping gain access to benefits as well as social and professional reintegration. Pause Diabolo links up with a network of chemists who offer a service of changing kits in the relevant pharmacies (PEKO). The center provides the pharmacies with steriboxes and collects used drug equipment that has been brought to the pharmacy.
832-104842 - Monument to the chemist Johann Wilhelm Bunsen, 1811-1899, in the back a flowering almond trees, Anatomiegarten gardens, Hauptstrasse, Heidelberg, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany, Europe
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