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1116-53319 - Close-up portrait of a male willow ptarmigan (Lagopus lagopus) showing early breeding colors in its neck and eye combs, surveying its high-country territory in Southcentral Alaska's Chugach Mountains on an April day. The head and neck will become completely chocolate-brown as the bird's breeding colors develop, Alaska, United States of America
765-2284 - Italian breakfast with pastries, croissant, puff pastry (sfoglia) with chocolate, puff pastry (sfoglia) with cream, rice puddings (budini di riso) and espresso, Italy, Europe
832-399320 - Cozy winter flat lay, female hands holding cup with hot chocolate or cocoa with marshmallow and pile of warm knitted clothes on wooden rustic background. Comfy and soft winter or autumn concept
832-398136 - German gingerbread cookies with sugar and brown and white chocolate glazing in heart and star shape called Lebkuchen on striped plate surrounded by seasonal Christmas decoration