Robert Harding

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832-404387 - Black skinned girl with afro hair wearing a pink dress and black jacket, having a coffee and making a video call from work very happy. Sitting on a pink sofa, young enterprising woman in a hotel
832-404380 - Lifestyle, brunette Caucasian sending a message with her mobile phone in the city. Relaxing with a take away coffee next to a beautiful church in the park. Black sweater and with a wool hat
765-2284 - Italian breakfast with pastries, croissant, puff pastry (sfoglia) with chocolate, puff pastry (sfoglia) with cream, rice puddings (budini di riso) and espresso, Italy, Europe
832-399320 - Cozy winter flat lay, female hands holding cup with hot chocolate or cocoa with marshmallow and pile of warm knitted clothes on wooden rustic background. Comfy and soft winter or autumn concept