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1350-652 - Anthidium manicatum or European wool carder bee, they are leaf-cutters and use leaves and petals from various ornamental plants such as roses, azaleas, ash, redbud, and bougainvillea. They use the leaf and petal segments to construct their nests
832-368947 - Man lifting pan with cement onto a scaffold, construction of brick houses for families whose houses were destroyed during the flood catastrophe of 2010, Lashari Wala village near Muzaffaragarh, Punjab, Pakistan, Asia
817-464362 - Deck chairs line up under an American Flag and overlooking the sea at the Congress Hall Hotel in Cape May. It was first constructed in 1816 as a wooden boarding house for guests in the city.
817-463199 - Ancient Temples of Kalachuri period. Amarkantak, Madhya Pradesh, India. Constructed by Kalachuri Maharaja Karnadeva between 1042 and 1072 AD. These temples are situated just at the back of the Narmadakund towards the south.
817-458863 - Videy Island seen from Skarfabakki harbor, Reykjavik, Iceland, Esjan called often Esja, volcanic mountain range in the background, Viey House is the first building in the country to be constructed with stone
832-241094 - Workers construct a concrete boardwalk along the Gulf of Mexico to replace the boardwalk that was washed away by Hurricane Katrina, Biloxi, Mississippi, USA, Biloxi, Mississippi, USA