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857-95985 - The distant Gore Range is one of many views along Colorado's Trail Ridge Road Scenic Byway as it crosses both the Continental Divide and the width of Rocky Mountain National Park, USA
857-90849 - A mountaineer climbs Cerro Torre's northwest face, with the southern Continental Icecap in the background, in Argentine Patagonia. Cerro Torre is one of the most difficult and iconic peaks in the Southern Andes, and is a highly sought after summit by the worlds top alpinists, Argentina
832-337152 - The Matterhorn mountain is reflected in the Riffelsee lake at Gornergrat. Zermatt, Wallis (Switzerland). It is a peak of African crystalline rock, piled up during the continental collision of the African with the European plate that caused the orogeny of
832-123794 - View from BP Bridge pedestrian bridge to Legacy at Millennium Park Building, the Pittsfield Building and Mid-Continental Plaza, Skyline, Chicago, Illinois, United States of America, USA