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1350-29 - Omega Centauri globular cluster, with Canon 20Da camera with 4-inch Astro-Physics Traveler apo refractor at f/6 for 4 minutes each at ISO800. Stack of 4 exposures, averaged stacked. Plus short 2-minute exposure for core area. Taken from Queensland, Australia, July 2006.
1350-133 - The amazing area of the southern Milky Way in Carina and Crux, the brightest part of the Milky Way after the galactic core region. At right is the Carina Nebula, with the Southern Pleiades cluster, IC 2602, below it. The Football Cluster, NGC 3532, is at upper left of the Carina Nebula. At centre is the region of Lambda Centauri, with the star cluster NGC 3766, the Pearl Cluster, above the emission nebulosity. At left is the Southern Cross, with the dark Coal Sack at bottom left of the Cross, with thin tendrils extending to the right. To the left of Alpha Cruxis at the bottom of the Cross is the star cluster NGC 4609; aboive Alpha is NGC 4649. To the left of Beta Cruxis at the left side of the Cross is the Jewel Box Cluster, NGC 4755.
1350-15 - Comet Hartley 2 near the Pacman Nebula, NGC 281, in Cassiopeia. Stack of 4 x 6 minute exposures at ISO 1600 with Canon 5D MkII on A&M 105mm apo refractor at f/4.8 with Borg reducer/flattener. Bright star is Alpha Cas, Schedar. Autoguided with Celestron NexGuide autoguider. However, image of comet core is from only one exposure to minimize trailing from this fast-moving comet.
1350-23 - Orion Nebula region with NGC1973-7. Stack of two 10-minute exposures + stack of 30s and 1min exposure for retaining bright core deail. Blended with Normal @ 85% but erasing all of short exposure layer except for core.
1348-130 - This transmission electron micrograph from a pelleted specimen depicts three icosahedral-shaped herpes virus virions. The staining technique used to process this specimen revealed the following findings: virions with a dark center, where the stain has pen
857-25820 - American archeologists, Antonio Gilman and John Steinberg, take a core sample in a farmer's field near Glaumbaer in northcentral Iceland. Steinberg made an important discovery in Glaumbaer in 2001. He found the homestead of Thorfinn Karlsefni, the father of the first European born in the New World. This find has important implications for Viking history.
797-2544 - BELGIUM Ghent View at night of the medieval core of the city over the Leie River from St Michielsbrug St Michiels Bridge. Travel Holidays Tourism Flemish Region
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