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860-291248 - Landscape in Skagafjoerdur during winter, Iceland. Landscape in Skagafjoerdur during winter. view of a snowed in country road with the fjord in the background europe, northern europe, iceland, March
1116-52109 - A couple takes a break and rests in the back of their campervan looking at their travel log at the base of the Alps before heading through Austria's highest mountain pass, the Grossglockner High Alpine Road; Austria
1116-51130 - Gravel road leads to a high altitude laguna in the middle of a colourful South American landscape in the Andes, Eduardo Avaroa Andean Fauna National Reserve; Potosi, Sur Lipez, Bolivia
1174-7518 - Guides and travelers ride horses into the East Taiga forests of northern Mongolia to visit the remote, nomadic reindeer herders that live near the Siberian borders of the country, Mongolia