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832-379619 - Volunteers at dawn at the Laguna de Fuente de Piedra, waiting for the start of the immature Greater Flamingo (Phoenicopterus roseus) capture event in order to ring them, Malaga province, Andalusia, Spain, Europe
1113-102279 - Young couple sitting at the end of a jetty in the morning atmosphere and enjoying the view of the sunrise. Playa de Muro beach, Alcudia, Mallorca, Balearic Islands, Spain
1113-100617 - View above the harbour towards Gunung Api North of Komodo National Park, Labuhanbajo, West Flores, Nusa Tenggara, Lesser Sunda Islands, Indonesia, Southeast Asia, Asia
1113-98737 - View from the Alte Lahnbruecke bridge across the river Lahn to Limburg cathedral in the early morning, St. Georgs Cathedral, Limburg, Westerwald, Hesse, Germany, Europe