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832-389742 - Night sky with stars and milky way over Lechtal mountains, in the foreground summit cross of the Geierkopf with tent, Reutte, Ammergau Alps, Tyrol, Austria, Europe
832-389508 - Cross of the Kreuzspitze by a starry sky with tent and mountaineer at the summit, in the background the Lechtal Alps, Elmen, Lechtal Alps, Ausserfern, Tyrol, Austria, Europe
832-389243 - Summit cross at Sudelfeldkopf, Stellnerjoch and Kleiner Traithen in the morning light, Sudelfeld, near Bayrischzell, Mangfall mountains, drone photograph, Upper Bavaria, Bavaria, Germany, Europe
832-389339 - Summit cross of Fagstein with view of Kahlersberg, Hagengebirge, Berchtesgadener Alps, Berchtesgaden National Park, Schoenau am Koenigssee, Berchtesgadener Land, Upper Bavaria, Bavaria, Germany, Europe