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832-400390 - Happy black woman entrepreneur standing in plant store selling fresh flowers to client. Young blond girl buy a fresh bouquet from florist. Smiling african woman botanist, selling flowers
832-398226 - The town of San Agustin amidst masses of shimmering plastic greenhouses, on the right the shallow lagoon Salinas de Cerrillos, aerial view, drone shot, Almeria province, Andalusia, Spain, Europe
1348-3775 - David Mucangi Mbogoh (showing tea leaves) runs a farm financed by a loan from BIMAS microcredit. He has been a client since 2002 and is currently servicing a loan of 1 million Kenyan shillings
1348-3776 - Margaret Nderitu, a client of KWFT microcredit, picking tea. She has been with KWFT since 2005, and has reimbursed more than 10 loans (school fees, business, hospital & farming loans)