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1113-103152 - View over river Elbe to Dresden with Bruhl's Terrace, Frauenkirche, Dresden University of Visual Arts, Dresden Castle, Standehaus, Katholische Hofkirche and Semperoper, Dresden, Saxony, Germany
832-386698 - Karluv most, people on the Charles Bridge at dusk, in the back dome of the church Kreuzherrenkirche with old town bridge tower, Prague, Bohemia, Czech Republic, Europe
832-382246 - Panoramic view of the city with Florence Cathedral, Duomo Santa Maria del Fiore with the dome by Brunelleschi, Palazzo Vecchio, Ponte Vecchio, UNESCO World Heritage Site, dusk, Florence, Tuscany, Italy, Europe
746-88404 - Wieskirche (Pilgrimage church of Wies) near Steingaden at the romantic road in Bavaria near the alps. The Wieskirche is part of UNESCO world heritage. Europe, Central Europe, Germany, Bavaria