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1116-49945 - Agriculture - Center pivot irrigation system silhouetted at sunrise on a hay field. The center pivot system is not operating as the hay field has been cut and windrowed for drying prior to baling / Alberta, Canada.
1202-248 - A waterfall cascades down a gorge cut into coastal cliffs, at Speke's Mill Mouth, near Hartland Quay, on Devon's Atlantic coast, Devon, England, United Kingdom, Europe
1116-46794 - Flowers In The Bow Of A Shikara, A Kashmiri Canoe, Being Sold By A Flower Vender Or Hawker Who Paddles From Boat To Boat To Sell To Tourist And House Boat Owner, Srinagar, Kashmir, India
1116-43330 - A farmer examines corn residue in front of a combine harvester with a tractor and grain wagon in the background, during the feed/grain corn harvest, near Niverville, Manitoba, Canada
832-381876 - A group of male residents of the village of Iwasoudane cutting the green off the rhizomes of organically grown Irises (Iris germanica) for natural cosmetics in Europe, Ait Inzel Gebel Region, Atlas Mountains, Morocco, Africa