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1311-515 - Fisheye view of a deep chasm near Papago Point at Grand Canyon with Zuni Point in the distance, Grand Canyon National Park, UNESCO World Heritage Site, Arizona, United States of America, North America
860-291249 - Lava field Dimmuborgir during winter near Myvatn, Iceland. Lava field Dimmuborgir during winter near lake Myvatn in the highlands of Iceland in deep snow. View towards south into the central highland wiht mount Sellandafjall . europe, northern europe, iceland, February
1311-489 - A deep dropoff at Grand Canyon called Loki's Abyss east of Thor's Hammer Overlook, with Loki's Rock just right of center, Grand Canyon National Park, UNESCO World Heritage Site, Arizona, United States of America, North America
1113-107393 - Night mood on the Heuberg with summit cross and deep view of the Inn Valley and illuminated places of the Rosenheimer Land, Heuberg, Chiemgau Alps, Upper Bavaria, Bavaria, Germany
1350-25 - The Pleiades star cluster, aka Seven Sisters, or M45, in Taurus. A deep exposure showing the reflection nebulosity which fills the area. This is a stack of 5 x 14 minute exposures with the TMB 92mm apo refractor and Borg 0.85x flattener/reducer at f/4.8 and Canon 5D MkII at ISO 800. Taken from home Oct 9/10, 2013.
1350-21 - M33, the Triangulum Spiral, a dwarf spiral in the Local Group. This is a 6-image stack of 12-minute exposures with the Canon 7D at ISO 800 on the 130mm Astro-Physics apo refractor at f/6 on AP 600E mount and SBIG SG4 autoguider. Poor seeing bloated star images somewhat.
1350-78 - A session shooting deep-sky objects in the rural backyard in Alberta, on a chilly November night, November 8, 2018. I was using the Celestron 8 HD tube assembly on the Astro-Physics Mach One mount, and was shooting Messier 27 with the Canon 6 D MkII. I shot this image with the Sony a7III and Venus Optics 15mm lens at f/2 focused on the foreground.
1350-47 - This is the Belt of Orion with its three blue stars across the top of the frame (L to R: Alnitak, Alnilam, and Mintaka), with the iconic Horsehead Nebula (aka B33) below Alnitak, with the dark Horsehead set against the bright nebula IC 434, aka Orion's Dagger. The pinkish nebula above Alnitak is NGC 2024, the Flame Nebula. The small blue reflection nebula left of the Horsehead is NGC 2023, with smaller IC 435 to the left of it. The field is filled with the large open cluster Collinder 70. The multiple star at bottom left of centre is Sigma Orionis. Many other smaller bits of reflection nebulas populate the field in and around the Belt.