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1196-107 - Fire ritual at chiwang monastery during the mani rimdu festival. these monks circumambulate the pyre after its ignition. one holds a long book wrapped in a felicitous scarf. the purifying fire takes the offering and raises them towards the sky in smoke. the circumambulatory ritual also recalls the way disciples showed respect for the buddhas body. solu khumbu, nepal
1196-86 - Trulshig rinpoche, blesses. Tulshig rinpoche blesses. Tulshig rimpoche s followers believe that he, like many other lamas, reassumes a human body after death in order to return to disciples. previous incarnation of tulshig rimpoche spent several years at dzarongpu monastery (highest monastery in world located at 16,500’ within sight of northern side of mt everest) served as of ngawong tenzin teachers. He promised to return in next life, so at tulshig s death ngawong tenzin norbu sought found reincarnation. current tulshig rimpoche then came to monastery studied with ngawong tenzin norbu. relationship between teacher student, in which a teacher returns to study from former student, maintains lineage over generations. Bhutan
1196-239 - A solitary mask dancer appears wearing a frightening mask and silk brocade. they circle the courtyard with sprightly leaps. called protectors of faith, or dharmapdla, the origins of figures like these can be traced back to the pre-aryan peoples of india. originally known as yaksas (literally, a wondrous thing), they were tree spirits, who were accepted by the buddhists as defenders of the faith. in nepal and tibet, as in india, local deities were converted into protectors. a devotee of an alien sect devised a means to humiliate the buddha and his disciples. the buddha discovered it and succeeded in converting him to his teaching. due to lack of wisdom, the buddha remarked, some could not realize the goodness of his disciples and he compared the ignorant to the blind and the wise to those who have eyes.nobody is condemned in buddhism, for greatness is latent even in the seemingly lowliest just as lotuses spring from muddy ponds. -the dhammapada. solu khumbu, nepal
817-244709 - D-Beerfelden, Muemling, Beerfelder Land, Odenwald, Naturpark Bergstrasse-Odenwald, Hessen, Pfarrkirche Sankt Martin, evangelische Kirche, Kirchenfenster, Kreuzigungsszene, D-Beerfelden, Muemling, Beerfelden Country, Odenwald, nature reserve Bergstrasse Od
817-244793 - D-Soest, Ostwestfalen, Westfalen, Nordrhein-WestfalenW, Wiesenkirche, Kirche St Maria zur Wiese, evangelische Kirche, Gotik, Innenansicht, Kirchenfenster, Glasmalerei, Westfaelisches Abendmahl, Jesus Christus und die zwoelf Apostel, D-Soest, East W
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