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1350-2075 - Artemidora, A.D. 90-100. From Meir. Mummy. Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, USA. The mask portrays a young woman lying flat as if upon her bier. Her hair is arranged in tiers of snail curls over her forehead. Alongside her face flows a black Egyptian-style wig, the long locks bound with narrow rings of gold in pharaonic fashion.
1350-39 - Astronomer Vance Petriew at the eyepiece of his 20-inch Dobsonian reflector telescope, at the 2012 Saskatchewan Summer Star Party in Cypress Hills, SK. This is a single 20 second exposure with the Canon 5DMkII at ISO 4000, and 24mm Canon L-series lens at f/2. A faint aurora adds the horizon colours. The photo was taken on the occasion of the second return of Comet Petriew 185/P since its discovery 11 years earlier in 2001 at this very same location.