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832-391875 - Panorama, Seeburg Castle at Lake Starnberg in the evening light, near Muensing, autumnal mixed forest, Fuenfseenland, aerial view, Upper Bavaria, Bavaria, Germany, Europe
1350-108 - A mosaic of the Sword and Belt region of Orion the Hunter, showing the diverse array of colourful nebulas in the area, including: curving Barnard's Loop, the Horsehead Nebula below the left star of the Belt, Alnitak, and the Orion Nebula itself as the bright region in the Sword.
832-389291 - Festival of eagle hunters in Olgii Province, about 20 km from the provincial capital, where different methods of hunting are demonstrated and evaluated, as well as equestrian games and riding new mounts, Kisil Char, Olgii, Mongolia, Asia
832-387965 - Coral block with different stony corals (Scleractinia), Melithaea gorgonian (Melithaea sp.), Feather star, yellow (Crinoidea) and Sabre squirrelfish (Sargocentron spiniferum), three, Great Barrier Reef, Coral Sea, Pacific, Australia, Oceania
832-384388 - Coral reef, reef block overgrown with Klunzinger's Soft Corals (Dendronephthya klunzingeri) and various stone corals (Hexacorallia), swarm Anthias (Anthiinae), Red Sea, Egypt, Africa
832-384550 - Colourful flowerbeds with different flowering spring flowers, Tulips (Tulipa) and pansies (Viola), on the promenade, Ueberlingen, Lake Constance, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany, Europe