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832-398035 - Indian cameleer (camel driver) bedouin with camel silhouettes in sand dunes of Thar desert on sunset. Caravan in Rajasthan travel tourism background safari adventure. Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, India, Asia
832-397656 - Panoramic road, gravel road in Monument Valley, prominent rocks, West Mitten Butte, East Mitten Butte, Merrick Butte on the horizon, dusk, film set, Arizona, USA, North America
860-291341 - Dead acacia tree on the background of sand dunes and stripes of morning fog. A very rare natural phenomenon for these places. Stunning light, color and shape. Sossusvlei. Deadvlei. Namib-Naukluft National Park. Landscapes of Namibia. Africa.
1358-66 - The Long Man of Wilmington, an Iron Age hill figure, looks down on the parched brown fields of drought hit East Sussex, Wilmington, East Sussex, England, United Kingdom, Europe
746-91867 - Yellow-footed rock-wallaby, Petrogale xanthopus, in the Flinders Ranges National Park in the outback of South Australia. Mother with Joey in pouch. Australia, South Australia, Flinders Ranges National Park
832-395399 - Oryx antelope curiously looking over the dune of Sossusvlei, mammal, ruminant, spikebuck, animal, ungulate, even-toed ungulate, mated, desert, sand, national park, Namibia Naukluft National Park, Southern Africa, Namibia, Africa