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832-373043 - Portrait, smiling woman of the Phixor Akha ethnic group, traditional clothing dyed with indigo, headdress with silver coins, village Ban Bounpiang, Boun Neua district, Phongsali province, Laos, Southeast Asia, Asia
817-458243 - Stone dying baths of the Fullery of Stephanus on the Via del Abbondante, Pompeii. Fulleries were an important business in ancient Pompeii.† Fullers processed, dyed, and washed cloth.†.
832-165432 - Two Roger Federer fans with dyed hair, view from above towards the Centre Court, night scene, Australian Open 2010, Grand Slam Tournament, Melbourne Park, Melbourne, Australia
832-67575 - Traditional tannery with dyeing pits, dyed leather spread out on the surrounding rooftops to dry, historic town centre or Medina, UNESCO World Heritage Site, Fez, Morocco, Africa
805-66 - Man offering Namaste greeting on his way back from village wedding celebrations where watered pink dyed powder has been thrown, Ajmer district, Rajasthan, India, Asia