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1116-52147 - Travelers inside a camper van exploring North Holland searching for iconic windmills outside of Amsterdam Central along the journey to the coastal city of Egmond aan Zee; Holland
1116-52169 - Men hunting from the Blue Duck Lodge, a working cattle farm with a focus on conservation, located in the Whanganui National Park. One man carrying goat kill on his back, (goats are a danger to the native wildlife and hunting is encouraged and educated here); Retaruke, Manawatu-Wanganui, New Zealand
1116-51741 - Hay bales in a cut field lit by the sun with fields of flowering canola, a windmill, rolling hills and mountain range in the background, North of Waterton; Alberta, Canada
832-393313 - View from Bornhagen to Ludwigstein Castle in the Werra-Meissner district in Hesse, late medieval castle surrounded by forests of the Werra Mountains, Green Belt, border path, inner-German border, Bornhagen, Eichsfeld district, Thuringia, Germany, Europe
832-393312 - Salt dump, potash mining, railway tracks, Kolonnenweg, Lochplattenweg, Gruenes Band, border trail, former German-German border, Philipsthal, Werratal, Hersfeld-Rotenburg district, Hesse, Germany, Europe
1350-2451 - Over under image of marshallese boy smiling underwater next to coral reef and coconut trees lining the shore of Majikin Island, Namu atoll, Marshall Islands (N. Pacific).