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1113-103152 - View over river Elbe to Dresden with Bruhl's Terrace, Frauenkirche, Dresden University of Visual Arts, Dresden Castle, Standehaus, Katholische Hofkirche and Semperoper, Dresden, Saxony, Germany
832-385631 - Golden morning light, old Solitaire Oak, English oak (Quercus robur) on the meadows of the Elbe in the morning fog, Middle Elbe Biosphere Reserve, Saxony-Anhalt, Germany, Europe
832-382392 - Sunset in the Elbe Valley, on the right the Schrammsteine, behind the Lilienstein, Elbe Sandstone Mountains, National Park Saxon Switzerland, near Schmilka, Saxony, Germany, Europe
1113-102684 - Mother and daughter making bread on a stick on the campfire, Camping along the river Elbe, Family bicycle tour along the river Elbe, adventure, from Torgau to Riesa, Saxony, Germany, Europe
746-88401 - Elbe Sandstone Mountains (Elbsandsteingebirge) in the NP Saxon Switzerland (Saechsische Schweiz) during spring. Valley of river Elbe with spa Bad Schandau during sunrise. Europe, Central Europe, Germany, Saxony, May